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Top 10 Favorite Shows to Watch Over and Over Again on Netflix

I am finally caught up on all my assignments I fell behind on because of my vacation  so now I can move onto better and more fun things. Like writing my blogs on schedule.

Since I’ve had so much homework to do, the only down time I really had been watching my shows on Netflix. So today I bring you my Top 10 Favorite Shows to Watch Over and Over Again on Netflix.

  1. Glee. I just can’t get enough of their music. I love to get up and sing and dance with them… with my windows closed of course.
  2. Greek. Although I have experienced Greek life first hand at FIU and can say for a fact it is not entirely like that, I can not get enough of this show. It always gets me excited about being young and able to do things (although I’d rather just think about doing them safely on my couch rather than actually go out and do them…)
  3. Desperate Housewives. Holy cow! Even though I already know the answers to all the questions and mysteries, it is still just so juicy. Like re-reading a juicy sexy novel over and over again.
  4. Roswell. I absolutely love my 90’s teen dramas. I missed out on them because my mom thought they were inappropriate for an elementary schooler (she’s probably right) but now that just means I have more catching to do than other people.
  5. Downton Abbey. So dramatic, so amazing. Can not get enough of this show. It’s like reading your favorite regency novel over and over again but the book doesn’t end.
  6. Psych for some laugh out loud hilariousness and a touch of mystery.
  7. Once Upon a Time. Besides Glee, probably one of the most hard to put together shows out there and absolutely incredible.
  8. Gossip Girl. A girl’s gotta have her drama and I just can’t live without it. I just HAVE to know what happens next. It’s like a requirement for me to live to the next day.
  9. The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Now a lot of people criticize this show but I secretly adore it, even though the message they are trying to send is don’t have sex in high school and all these kids are doing is fixating on sex I can’t help but love the corny drama-esque feel to it and I have a super huge crush on Ricky of course.
  10. Pretty Little Liars. Seriously a pretty twisted and dark premise for a teen show but absolutely engrossing. Another one of those, I need to know what happens next shows.

I just let go of my mother’s Netflix (the only thing I was till letting her pay for and got my own account. And I got the fancy account where you can get the DVDs so I’m opening myself to a whole new world of what’s really out there. Plus there’s so many things I want to watch that I haven’t yet. Scandal, American Horror Story, Lost Girl and Revenge just to name a few.