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Top 10 Books to Read in the Spirit of Valentine’s Day

Usually I prefer to spend Valentine’s Day at home with my boyfriend, candlelit dinner, and watch a movie cozy cuddled up on the couch under one of those microfiber extra fluffy blankets. This year however I will be packing for a trip to  the mountains in North Carolina, my first real, stress-free vacation in about 3 years.

I am beyond excited even though my plans to stay at home and not dress up were totally thwarted. Every once in while you do have to leave the house, however, seeing as how we are native South Floridians and my boyfriend has never seen snow, I have a feeling we will spend the majority of the time inside our cabin than gadding about the mountains.

Anyway, since I won’t be staying home and my boyfriend will be too freaked out about flying to entertain me on the plane, I have decided the best way to put in me in the spirit of Valentine’s Day is to read books that get ooey-gooey feeling going in my heart. Here’s my list of Valentine’s Day books to read:

  1. A Knight in Shining Armor
  2. Gone with the Wind

These books are new, old, classic, funny, for adults, for teens, for kids. The point is that love and romance do not have an age and do not go out of style. Happy reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!