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OCD or Anal Retentive?

Today’s Daily Post prompt is about what is messier: my room or my desktop or favorite device’s home screen.

To be perfectly honest, not too long ago that probably would have been my room. When I lived in my childhood home, my room was notorious for being a sty. I had no pride in my room and I usually was the only one who would go in there. I would sleep with clothes all over the bed, sometimes sleeping on a bed made of clothes. Shoes were nowhere to be found, art supplies, left everywhere, old plates and cups of food and drink on top of my desk or my headboard. It really was very disgusting.

Since moving out on my own (and it didn’t happen overnight, I can assure you) I have become extra neat. I don’t like to leave things lying around, I get grossed out by old food being out, and clothes on the bathroom floor upset me. I’ve always been a little crazy about my computer desktop and my phone and iPad screen being organized into folders and in a certain order by how much I use certain folders or apps.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I am completely anal retentive although I like to do things a certain way and when they aren’t done that way I sometimes have small freak outs. But I am not completely OCD either. I work like a mess, I just can’t stand to see the mess after I am done.

When I cook, you can be sure there will be dirty dishes everywhere and leftover cuttings from veggies on the counter and open packages littering the countertops. But after I finish eating, I immediately start to clean.

When I am doing homework I have to start with a completely clean space. I can’t even begin to do homework if there is a mess somewhere in the house. But when I start my homework, there are books lying on every open space, snack wrappers in a pile on the floor, pencils getting lost in couch cushions. Total, hot mess. But as soon as I am done it all goes back into its own special nook or cranny. Everything has a place and everything ends up very organized.

So what is messier right now? My room or my technology? I guess my room would be the messiest because I haven’t made the bed today (the only thing I don’t really care too much about unless I am going to be working on schoolwork in the room – which is rare) because my technology is always immaculate.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 5.17.49 PM
My immaculately neat desktop. I originally didn’t want anything on it, but realized that wasn’t user-friendly so now I keep it to the bare minimum.

Top 10 Things I Would Do With an Extra Hour a Day

One of my most frequent statuses on Facebook is that there really is not enough time in the day. With all of the schoolwork and house chores I have to get done on a regular basis, I am most often then not, left with no me time. If they could add just one hour extra to each day, there are so many possibilities for my day.

Here are the top ten things I would do if I had just one hour extra a day (not in any specific order):

  1. For one thing, I would have more time to blog and maybe I wouldn’t have had such a hiatus. I love to write, whether it is in my blog or in my own private journal, but I usually don’t have the time, which really sucks because I think that self reflection is extremely important psychologically.
  2. Another thing I could do with my extra hour is yoga. I actually need to do yoga per doctor’s orders, but with all the schoolwork that needs to get done, my physical fitness and health usually has to take the back burner.
  3. If there was an extra hour in each day, I could read more books for fun. It sucks having to read textbooks all the time. They are boring and make you think you hate reading, but that’s not true. I just hate reading textbooks. With an extra hour a day I could read fun books to get me out of my head (and that would probably keep my stress levels lower too).
  4. I could play with my cat, Athena, and make some pretty great cat videos that would eventually be posted to this blog. She is just a kitten and I feel like she doesn’t get all the attention she deserves since I am so busy with school all the time.
  5. I could start taking pictures again. I would actually have a little extra time for photography. I’m not talking about long photo walks or anything like that, but I’m talking about a nice 15 to 30 minute walk after dinner with just my camera. It’s got a layer of dust about an inch thick, I swear.
  6. I could bake yummy goodies for the house. My boyfriend is always saying he wishes we could have fresh baked brownies and cookies every once in a while and I love to bad, but it really is very time consuming. However, with an extra hour a day, I could actually bake something at least once a week to have some yummy sweet treats in the house for my hubby and me.
  7. I could spend some more time with my family if I had an extra hour a day. I could actually visit my grandmother or mother. My grandmother says she hasn’t seen me since early September. That’s really unforgivable, but with all the homework and chores I have to do on a daily basis, I can’t afford to visit with Grammies even just for an hour.
  8. I could start crafting. I love doing crafts and DIY projects, but I just don’t have the time for stuff like that. I started learning how to crochet and want to crochet an Afghan for our couch, but don’t have the time available to put into it, but I bet if I were to crochet just for an hour each day, I could have that Afghan ready by the time the cold weaner comes (it comes late here in Miami).
  9. I could spend time on my hygiene and appearance. I’m not saying I don’t shower every day (I do), but an extra hour would give me the time to straighten my hair or actually do something with it. Maybe I could start putting on makeup and making myself look pretty. I would have the time to actually take care of my face the way I’m supposed to, not just the quick wash I do in the morning and at night before jumping in bed. I could use exfoliators and moisturizers and astringents, and all that crap they tell me is good for my skin. It would be nice to be pretty every once in a while instead of looking like the crazy, burned out I feel.
  10. Finally, with an extra hour a day, I could actually get a full nights sleep without worrying that I won’t have enough time to get things done. I could actually use the snooze button on my alarm that I only dare to use sometimes and then regret it later.

Breaking the Block: The Reader’s Block

I’m going to start using the Daily Post prompts to help me write every day. Just so I can start getting back to blogging regularly. The Daily Post for today was about Reader’s Block.

I think the longest I ever went without reading a book that was for fun (I’m always reading after all, such is the life of a college student) was three months. Sometimes I get so caught up in school stuff and reading textbooks or children’s picture books for class that I don’t want to read, that I forget reading is for fun too.

Whenever this happens I get antsy. I’m an avid reader after all. I spent a whole summer in elementary school where I only left my room to eat and go to the library to get more books. I must have read over 75 books that summer!

However, I wouldn’t say there’s one particular book that gets me reading again when this happens. I’m always itching to read, but when I find myself stuck reading only things I HAVE to read as opposed to reading for pleasure, I always go back to my favorite series.

See, my theory is that I stop reading because of my excuse that I don’t have time to read with everything going on in life, but that simply isn’t true. I start to read one of my favorite childhood series such as Harry Potter or Anne of Green Gables I don’t have the pressure of having to focus so much on the plot because I already know it and I have that safety blanket that if I can’t finish the book I won’t be upset because I’ve already finished it before. But what starts to happen is I realize there is always some time to read for fun. There is always a need for some me time. And I start to see new books I want to read.


That’s how I break the block. Easing myself into reading new things by starting with some old favorites.

If one cannot read a book over and over again, there is no use reading it at all. – Oscar Wilde