Breaking the Block: The Reader’s Block

I’m going to start using the Daily Post prompts to help me write every day. Just so I can start getting back to blogging regularly. The Daily Post for today was about Reader’s Block.

I think the longest I ever went without reading a book that was for fun (I’m always reading after all, such is the life of a college student) was three months. Sometimes I get so caught up in school stuff and reading textbooks or children’s picture books for class that I don’t want to read, that I forget reading is for fun too.

Whenever this happens I get antsy. I’m an avid reader after all. I spent a whole summer in elementary school where I only left my room to eat and go to the library to get more books. I must have read over 75 books that summer!

However, I wouldn’t say there’s one particular book that gets me reading again when this happens. I’m always itching to read, but when I find myself stuck reading only things I HAVE to read as opposed to reading for pleasure, I always go back to my favorite series.

See, my theory is that I stop reading because of my excuse that I don’t have time to read with everything going on in life, but that simply isn’t true. I start to read one of my favorite childhood series such as Harry Potter or Anne of Green Gables I don’t have the pressure of having to focus so much on the plot because I already know it and I have that safety blanket that if I can’t finish the book I won’t be upset because I’ve already finished it before. But what starts to happen is I realize there is always some time to read for fun. There is always a need for some me time. And I start to see new books I want to read.


That’s how I break the block. Easing myself into reading new things by starting with some old favorites.

If one cannot read a book over and over again, there is no use reading it at all. – Oscar Wilde



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