I’ve got a new home

This weekend we moved into a two bedroom with my cousin. I love this place! We have our own little hallways, my bathroom is bigger and my closet is bigger, since we are living with someone else all of our office stuff and books are in our room now.

When we lived in the one bedroom on our own I didn’t spend much time in our room except to maybe watch tv before I slept. Since moving here I feel like my room is my sanctuary.

Not that moving in with my cousin was a bad thing. Actually, so far it’s really great. I have someone to eat dinner with. I’m not home alone when my boyfriend is at work. No having him here is great, but my room feels like a special place now.

Moving has also given me the chance to become more organized. I’m setting up a place for everything and everything in its place (now if only I could get my boyfriend to understand how that works) and I even set up a cleaning schedule so the apartment can stay nice.

Hopefully everything will be organized by the time fall semester starts so that I can be organized with school too and still manage to have a social life.

I can see myself spending lots if time in this apartment. Baking days have already been arranged and I’m looking for a day that we can craft or have a sketch in.


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