On the Move

The rent in our apartment is about to go up so my boyfriend and I decided to find a roommate. When we first moved in together we were a little bit of a snob about this. We wanted a place that was completely “our own”. We didn’t want to have to share space.

We also weren’t positive about who we could be comfortable with as a roommate. My girlfriends weren’t close enough to my boyfriend so he would be hiding in his room all the time and my boyfriend wasn’t comfortable leaving me at home for long periods of time with his guy friends since he has a night job. And plus, his friends, although I love them, are not the cleanest of people and we wanted to be able to control that.

So we did the living by ourselves thing for a while. But it is getting increasingly more difficult to do that without a roommate especially when we both want to go to school and can’t work full time or two jobs anymore. My cousin and his girlfriend were also wanting to move out on their own but as his girlfriend isn’t ready yet and even if she were they wouldn’t be able to afford it, my cousin needed to find a place and rather than pay $700-800 and stay in a little efficiency or room for rent with people he doesn’t know, we offered to share a two bedroom two bath apartment with him and then where never his girlfriend is ready to move out she can move in too.

It works out for us all financially and I’ll have more company instead of being home alone all the time. My boyfriend is comfortable leaving me home alone with him because we are family and him and my boyfriend are good friends by now so he will be comfortable hanging out in the common area.

We don’t move into the new apartment until mid-August but I am just bursting with excitement. I can’t wait to start saving money and planning dinners and EVERYTHING.

Of course there are things that I’m worried about: privacy, having enough me time alone, keeping the place clean, and of course what if we all end up hating each other by the end of it. But my and my boyfriend moved in together in closer quarters and we have flourished. I don’t see why this should be any different. Pus, I made a roommate rules and agreement contract stating what we should do for privacy, couple time, cleaning and any other minor issues we thought might come up.

I this this is just one of those life experiences that are good to have and I can’t wait to get started!


Here is a floor plan of the new apartment we will be moving into. My boyfriend thinks I am a dork, but my favorite thing about this move is that I’ll finally get a walk in closet. It’s the little things in life that tend to make me happiest.


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