Two Computer Games That Have Made Me More of a Homebody Than I Already Was

I suck at video games. I can’t use an Xbox or Playstation controller to save my life. No hand eye coordination when it comes to buttons. But I do love them. It’s like I have this sick need to be really bad about something so I can laugh at myself.

I bought my boyfriend Borderland for his birthday and he wanted me to try playing it with him because I thought it looked so interesting, and when I tried and he was trying to teach me the controls… I cried. I mean sobbed. I mean totally broke down and died crying.

It was awful. I couldn’t even stay looking straight ahead and all I saw was sky the whole time until I just was just mercifully killed. Needless to say he doesn’t let me play video games like that anymore and we stick to the sighting games where I can button mash my life away. I’ all about the button mashing and I’m quite lucky in it, making some pretty impressive wins.

I am, contradictorily enough, pretty god at computer games. Maybe it’s because I’ve been using one since I was like… 4? I think. The commands are more familiar to me and I kind of kick butt. So I’ve started playing two games that have totally taken over my life: Sims 3 and Spore.

For those of you who don’t know, Sims3 is a game where you create and control a household of individuals, creating their house, building their careers, hobbies, skills, and relationships with other Sims. The game is very detailed, I found out I can zoom in close enough to actually watch TV with them, see them eating food and read with them (although you can’t understand the Sim writing. The Sims have complete lives, they make babies and are mortal and die, but after your original Sims die, you play with their offspring, who have physical traits and skills and personalities that are a mix of the two parents like in real life.

Now, I ask myself, why would I play out someone else’s whole life instead of living out my own, but see I am living out my life! My genus self actually created a Sim for myself and my boyfriend. I am working as a journalist until I can find a teaching position, and my boyfriend is a prep cook at the local restaurant. I modified the Sims so that we look like ach other and have the same traits and characteristics we have in real life. I look at it as a kind of study as to how we are doing. My guess is that Sims uses what would most likely happen if two people of certain likes and dislikes and skills came together. I just want to make sure we are on track. A little creepy, no? Well, I love it. Plus, I can’t afford to have a house right now and this way I get to design my own home, which is one of my favorite past times.

The other game that I have quickly become obsessed with is Spore. I could actually see me using this game in a Biology class to show how the evolutionary process takes place and how we mostly likely came into existence. It is a game where all your choices have consequences and each consequence will determine whether you evolve to see another day or die off.

You start off as a cell, you can choose to be an herbivore or a carnivore or an omnivore. You find pieces of the meteor that brought you to this planet and gave you life that contain more parts that you can use when you evolve. Once you have evolved enough t have legs, you move on land where you must mingle with other creatures who are trying to evolve like you. You can choose to fight them and dominate or befriend them, remembering that all choices have consequences. After mingling with creatures you can receive new parts that you use in evolution. You also grow in brain size.

This goes on and on until you are evolved beings much like humans. It really is quite an addictive game and I got to make my OogieBoogie (that’s what I named my creature) pink and blue. She is awesome!

Last night was Friday and no one could come over and I spent six hours playing these games and woke up this morning thinking about them. I have found my new passion. I always kid around with people telling them that I’m going to be dictator of the world one day and control what people eat and how they dress and everything so that I can live in the most perfect world. With these games I have this power… and just as I expected, the world is a better place in my games.


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