Why be a homebody?

So many people get bored at home and I just can’t understand it. I mean I have my days where I pace from room to room seemingly without purpose but that never means I want to leave the confines of my house, usually I’m just in need of some company.

Some people have this misconception that if you are a homebody you can’t have friends or a social life. I beg to differ. I spend plenty of time with people. They just come over to my house. We watch movies, I host dinner parties, we go to the pool, we play Wii. There are so many activities that can be done in my tiny home. And I feel so much more comfortable there than I do at any club so, more than likely, I’m more sociable at home.

Maybe someone is a homebody because they like being home like I do, but most likely it’s because you are on a budget and can’t afford to spend $150 every weekend to go out and party it up. No reason why you can’t party it up at home without the cover charge.

The next time you are bummed because you have to stay home, think about some of the things you can do in your very own home:

  • host a game  night
  • host a movie night
  • host a dinner or takeout party
  • throw a small party (or large if you are willing to live with the mess)
  • have a girls night and open a bottle of wine to get the gossip going
  • have a boys night and break out the cards, cigars, and junk food
  • have a poker night (maybe then you can win some money to go out the next time!)
  • have a crafting night and spend all night in front of the TV with your scissors, paper and glue
  • have  TV marathon on Netflix or Hulu

There are so many possibilities to have fun inside your own home, there’s never a reason to really leave. You’ll come to find that the more memorable memories with your friends were either big road trips cruises/vacations you had with them and the nights you spent “staying in”.


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